Production Company SEO

I've been spending a lot of time in the past few weeks trying to work on the SEO for the Rucksack website.  In the past I have scoffed at this as a waste of time.  My feeling then was that no one was going to accidentally stumble upon our site and magically want to do business with us.  Even if we are on page one of the "production company" google search, how many people are really searching google for a video production company? 

Today I feel different about it all.  Marketing and visibility are more important than ever because the industry is more crowded than ever. In the past, it felt like enough to differentiate ourselves with personality and creative flair.  Now it's not enough.  It's not enough to be experts in our field of video and story.  We must also be experts in sales, marketing, finance, business operations and certainly SEO.  

Today we are at the top of page 8 for the keyword search "rucksack".  I don't dare try to find what page we're on for any variation of "production company".  Hopefully I can sustain my interest and discipline in this task.  Let's see where we are at in November. Is it possible to compete with the backpack industry and get to page 1?  Is there any chance someone will be searching for a backpack and become interested in visiting the Rucksack site?