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Adam Pray

Adam Pray is a producer and director whose projects have been broadcast and exhibited all over the world for more than 10 years. After graduating from California State University, Pray began his career working as an assistant to some of Hollywood’s most successful producers and directors including Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Vacation, Caddyshack), Lindsay Doran (Sense & Sensibility, Ghost, Stranger Than Fiction) and Neil Burger (Divergent, The Illusionist).

In 2007 Pray moved to Brooklyn to produce documentaries for National Geographic thus expanding his cinematic reach throughout Europe and Africa. In 2013, Pray produced the feature film, FEMRAT, in Albania which currently holds the title of Albania’s all-time highest grossing film.

He continues to base operations out of New York City while traveling the world and working to build a cinematic revolution.

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Rudina Vojvoda

Rudina has been creating content and writing professionally since a teenager.  She began her career as a cutting edge journalist shortly after the fall of socialism in albania.  From there she moved on to covering the war in kosovo and conflict regions around world including afghanistan, iraq and the democratic republic of congo.  after many years of making documentary films for prestigious clients like national geographic, she joined rucksack productions and began her work as a Tv and Film director.  

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Koloreto cukali

Koloreto is one the most celebrated writers and producers in the Balkans.  He is currently the head of all east european operations and manages relationships with talent, broadcasters, marketers and exhibitors throughout the region.  In addition, he is also leading all creative development.  

Femi Agbayewa

Nigerian-born, North American-raised, Femi’s film career hit its stride professionally and artistically with his second film, God’s Own Country. Femi created God’s Own Country toexplore and bring attention to the issues that concern Africa and her Diaspora when trying to start a new life in North America. Femi joined Rucksack with his film Brooklyn Shakara which screened at festivals around the world, including a special exhibition for Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan in Los Angeles.

Femi is the Head of African Production at Rucksack and currently working towards expanding our reach into South America.